Environmental Stewardship

Air Quality

Emission reductions achieved through implementation of aggressive, and in many cases, voluntary measures, including:

  • Liquids Gathering System
  • Advanced emission controls on drill rig and completion engines
  • Low/no bleed pneumatic control devices
  • Infrared camera inspections
  • Electrification of natural gas engines


  • Annual contributions to Wildlife Mitigation and Monitoring Fund
  • Sound and light reduction for sage grouse
  • Coordinated year-round development
  • Concentrated activity to minimize impact and maximize usable habitat
  • Conservation of migration corridors
  • Donation of wildlife-friendly fencing materials to aid in big-game migration
  • Annual contribution to Livestock Mitigation Fund
  • Support and funding of wildlife studies

Water Conservation and Protection

  • Comprehensive groundwater characterization study
  • Monitoring water quality since 2004
  • Recycled water for completions
  • Back-flow prevention on all active water supply wells
  • 110 Best Management Practices for the protection of ground and surface water

Well Completion and Operations

  • Well construction and completions procedures include numerous barriers to protect groundwater
  • Extensive monitoring and diagnostics
  • Reporting to¬†fracfocus.org