A New Segment of Advancements will Explore how Emissions Reductions are Improving Energy Production

Discover why environmental stewardship is becoming key to meeting growing energy needs.

Jupiter, FL— An upcoming segment of Advancements with Ted Danson will focus on how sustainable initiatives are new technologies are helping to reduce or eliminate emissions in energy production.

This series will educate about recent innovations in natural gas production as it explores how emissions are being meaningfully reduced across the entire energy value chain. The segment will discover how PureWest Energy (PureWest), an independent natural gas company, is dedicated to advancing modern life by responsibly delivering essential energy with exceptional reliability and proven environmental stewardship.

Viewers will learn how PureWest goes beyond expectations to produce natural gas in the most responsible and efficient manner possible.

“PureWest is deeply committed to the advancement of environmental sustainability to supply customers with the most responsibly sourced natural gas available in the Western United States. We are thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to showcase our industry leading operations and cutting-edge emissions reducing monitoring technologies on the show,” said PureWest CEO Chris Valdez.

The show will also explore how PureWest deploys real-time monitoring, independent verification, and reporting to validate low methane solutions, and how blockchain can be used to digitize and transfer these environmental attributes.

“We look forward to exploring how PureWest is focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as well as to sustainability excellence,” said Tamara Phillips, senior producer for the Advancements series.

About PureWest Energy:

PureWest Energy, LLC is a private energy company focused on developing its long-life natural gas reserves in the Pinedale and Jonah Fields of Wyoming’s Green River Basin. PureWest controls more than 126,000 gross (114,000 net) acres in and around the prolific Pinedale and Jonah Fields.

For more information, visit: www.PureWest.com.

About Advancements and DMG Productions:

Advancements is an information-based educational television series that explores recent developments taking place across several industries and economies. Shining a light on important issues and topics impacting society today, the series features the cutting-edge improvements, state-of-the-art technologies, and innovative solutions responsible for shaping, molding, and transforming our world.

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